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Delivery Service & Bottle Exchange

To minimize the environmental impact of plastic bottles, all cold press juices are service in glassware.  In addition, glass insures the vitamins, nutrients and minerals are preserved, especially if you plan to be storing it for any length of time.  

On your first purchase you will be charged a one-time fee for the glassware.  If participating in one of our weekly juice delivery programs, empty bottles will be collected and exchanged with each following delivery.  You may also return your empty bottles to our location and exchange them for filled bottles with no extra charge.  Mason jars may also be returned as 6 packs, or individually.  If returned, mason jars have a $1 exchange rate for grab-and-go cold pressed juices.  Or, receive $1 off any 16oz made to order juice.

Initial Glassware Fee

Growlers (64oz) $10

Gallons (128oz) $15

6 packs (16oz mason jars w/lids) $9 (when ordered with cleanse- singles- $2)

You may also provide your own bottle and avoid the glassware fee,  juice prices will remain the same.  All bottles must meet the set requirements and be approved by our staff.  

Bring Your Own Bottle – Requirements

  • Only growlers (64oz) or gallons (128oz) made from food grade glass are excepted
  • Bottle must have handle or finger hole and be threaded for capping
  • Bottle must be clean and free of cracks, chips, or obvious wear
  • A staff member will inspect all bottles before approving them for juice dispensing