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Organic Juice Cleanse Program | Juice Bar Menu | Juice Lab Denton TxJuice Cleanse Programs 

All juices are cold pressed for preservation of vitamins and minerals for optimum nutritional value.  By cold pressing juices there is no heat transfer during the extraction process.  No heat equals no nutrient degradation and a longer shelf life for our juices.  All cleanses include five 16oz 100% organic juices and choice of one 16oz house made nut milk or one vegan / raw entrée.  Cleanses can be created to meet any dietary needs and can be customized to be 1, 3, 5, or 7 days

What happens to your body when you cleanse?

1-3 DAY = Digestive system gets a break while alkalizing juice rides the blood of toxins and free radicals.

5 DAY = Restart your immune system by building a strong defense by intake of concentrated vitamins, trace minerals, and nutrients that you were lacking, or not properly absorbing in your diet.

7 DAY = Total body reset that results in more energy, glowing complexion, and a reduction in food cravings



Organic Juice Cleanse Program | The Juice Pioneer | Juice Lab Denton Tx

Designed for those new to juice world, this cleanse combines tasty, easy to drink juices for an amazing introduction to how healthy can be delicious!

  • Sweet Green
  • Sun Salutation
  • Sweet Beet
  • Mean Green
  • Lil’ D’lish


1 DAY = $50

3 DAY = $145

5 DAY = $245

7 DAY = $345


Organic Juice Cleanse Program | The Juice Pioneer | Juice Lab Denton Tx

This cleanse is the periodic table packed into six of our most nutrient dense juices.  Designed to provide the all essential nutrients needed to fuel the thousands of molecular processes happening in your body right now!

  • Super Green
  • Light Green
  • Sweet Beet
  • Square Root
  • ABC


1 DAY = $55

3 DAY = $160

5 DAY = $270

7 DAY = $380


Juice Cleans Program | The Green Mile | Juice Lab Denton Tx

Designed to have maximum alkalizing effects; this cleanse combines our greenest green juices for superior detoxifying results.

  • Super Green
  • Green Giant
  • Lil D’lish
  • Sublime
  • Garden Grove


1 DAY = $60

3 DAY = $175

5 DAY = $295

7 DAY = $410

Nut Milk Option

Organic Juice Cleanse Program | House Made Nut Milk | Juice Lab Denton Tx

Choose from our selection of house made nut milks.  We have Cashew and Almond  in: House Made Nut Milk | Juice Lab Denton's Organic Juice Bar




  • Unsweetened
  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • horchata
  • tart cherry

Vegan & Raw Entrée

Organic Juice Cleanse Program | Vegan Raw Food | Juice Lab Denton Tx

Pick from a wide variety of both Vegan and Raw Food entrées





  • Avocado cucumber dilled & chilled soup
  • Carrot ginger chilled soup
  • Zucchini noodles with basil pesto sauce & cherry tomatoes
  • Sunshine Salad – Spinach & sunflower microgreens salad topped with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and raw sunflower seeds
  • Garden salad – romaine lettuce, carrot, radish, cucumber and cherry tomato
  • Kale salad – kale, sunflower microgreens, carrots and sesame seeds
  • Cucumber avocado salad – cucumber, avocado, cherry tomato and red onion with lemon juice
  • Raw trail mix with seasonal fruit
  • Chia Pudding with fruit – assorted flavors
  • Romaine lettuce wrap with avocado, cucumber, red bell pepper and red onion


Organic Juice Cleanse Program | Custom Organic Cleanse | Juice Lab Denton Tx

Have a special request?  Whether you’re cutting sugar, have food allergies, or want a customized program to meet a specific dietary need, Juice Lab can help!  Our qualified staff can create a cleanse that is just as unique as you are!  For details, give us a call (940) 218-6461 | 508 S Elm St, Ste 104, Denton, Tx 76209