Juice lab works together with the community to use renewable resources and decrease pollution.  By sourcing from local farms, we are supporting our local economy, which in turn, keeps prices low.  Minimizing packaging and shipping eliminates use of materials such as paper products and gasoline.  Along with getting most our produce from local farms, we also donate much of our fruit and veggie pulp to the farmers to feed to their livestock.  Since Juice Lab uses only organic produce, farmers can trust their animals are getting quality nutrition without the use of pesticides.


Minimizing Waste

To minimize food waste, Juice Lab uses many of the by-products, such as fruit, veggie and nut pulp to make other products.  Pulp that is left over from juicing and making nut milks gets incorporated back into our baked goods.  The results are items like our delicious carrot ginger breakfast bars and grain/gluten free pie crusts.

The pulp that doesn’t get donated or repurposed into food is turned into nutrient dense compost that is then used on our Juice Lab garden project, which will, in the future, provide us and the city of Denton with fresh organic herbs and produce.


Environmental Responsibility

Our glass exchange program was implemented to reduce the amount of disposable products we have to use in our restaurant.  Repurposed and recycled glassware is used for bottling juices, herbs, storage and more!  Customers can take their juice home in a mason jar, growler, or gallon jug and return for a refund on bottle fee or exchange for their next juice!

Being a restaurant, use of disposables is sometimes necessary.  All disposable packaging used by Juice Lab is made with cellulose, a plant based matter that completely biodegrades within 100 days of going into the compost or landfill.  The best part is that no harmful pollutants are left behind to leach into our precious groundwater.